Fit On the Go: 4 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

If you’re anything like me, traveling can be a bit of a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I adore traveling: seeing new places, meeting new people, expanding my knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of life. However, when you live a rather fit and active lifestyle at home, it can really throw you off your game when you have to break your routine and be thrown into a new scenario, not knowing where your next meal is coming from or if you’ll find a gym that suits you where you’re going (if at all!). 

However, over the years I’ve picked up a few tips that help me maintain my lifestyle a little easier when I’m on the road, whether I’m training for a bikini show or just trying to maintain my general health and fitness level. 

  1. Drink your water: Sounds like common sense but we all forget it from time to time. Travelling is especially a good reason to up your water intake. Always keep a bottle on you; not only does it keep you hydrated but will help curb cravings for those other foods and beverages that do not align with your fitness goals. 
  2. Research simple body weight exercises: Even if it’s a simple exercise sequence you can do in the hotel room before you leave in the mornings, it’ll serve as a nice reminder throughout the day to stay on track. You’ve already started your day off right, you’ll be less inclined to order the fast food burger at lunch. No idea where to start? Try doing something simple, like 20 bodyweight squats, 10 push ups, and 15 leg raises on the bed. Repeat this sequence three times and it’ll get your exercise mindset going for the day at the very least. 
  3. Do some groceries: Stock up on simple, healthy snacks you can keep in the hotel room for when you’re stuck without a meal. Raw almonds, plain Greek yogurt, and cut veggies can be an easy way to hold you over till your next meal. You’ll be less likely to cave when you pass a bag of chips. 
  4. Don’t Stress! Stressing about whether or not the salad dressing at the restaurant has 2g of sugar is only going to ruin your trip if you’re faced with these dilemmas multiple times a day. Do your best to prepare, feel free to ask questions, but some things are simply beyond your control in that exact moment. Don’t let it ruin the trip for you and those around you. If you slip up, forgive yourself and move on! Regroup and get back on track, and no matter what, keep going!

What ways do you stay healthy and active when traveling? Share them with us!

Daily Intention

<Insert various excuses here!> This quote is one of my favourites from one of my favourite movies ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. It’s pretty to the point but can be applied to SO many struggles!


5 Ways to Stay Fit on a Budget

In a perfect world we would all have an all-access pass to every gym, yoga studio, spinning class, TRX, and whatever else you’re into. But if you’re like me and like to mix up your fitness routine, it can run you a high bill. With memberships running from $50-$100 per month per studio and one-time drop-in rates running from $15-25 per class, it can be difficult to maintain an exciting fitness lifestyle when you’re on a budget.

Here are a few ways you can maintain your fitness lifestyle without breaking the bank:

  • Look for all-inclusive gyms: Be sure to read the fine print here. Some gyms look like they’re all-inclusive but you want to be sure that you can find a decent-rate gym that includes the kinds of facilities you like. Be sure to ask if things like yoga, spinning, group fitness classes, and access to facilities like the pools and tennis courts if that’s what you’re into. It sounds so simple but this will allow you to explore different types of fitness without getting bored or having to buy multiple memberships.
  • Walk/run outside: Again, super simple but often overlooked. Not only is it good exercise but the regular fresh air and sunshine will give you many more benefits than just exercise.
  • Check classified websites like Kijiji: Often in order to get a good membership rate you have to commit to a 12-month contract. Online sites like Kijiji include people who are already committed to a contract you can take over for whatever period of time they have left in their contract. It’s a win-win: they get out of the contract and you get a shorter contract with the best rate.
  • Look for ‘karma’ or complimentary classes: This I’ve mostly seen with yoga, but perhaps there are others out there in your city. Companies like lululemon offer free classes every week and additional classes/events from time-to-time. Certain yoga studios also offer what they call ‘karma’ classes where during slow times (like every Friday night) they offer a $5 cash drop-in and all the proceeds go to charity. Get your om on and give back at the same time!
  • Stream your workouts: There are so many great videos online that cost little to no money to stream and get in a workout or yoga class. The main thing you need to be careful with is form– don’t try anything new or dangerous when doing an online video as there is no professional there to check your form to avoid injury. Sometimes I even check online videos for workout ideas while I’m at the gym. Keeps things interesting ;)

What other ways do you save money in your fitness routine? Share them below!

-xo, Krista

Daily Intention

Your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time. Why not make it a good one? Then the universe will work to align your reality with your dominant thoughts. #Truth

Daily Intention

My thoughts today: In what areas of our lives do we settle? Everyone is different, but I’m sure many of us settle in one area of our lives or another from time to time.  Maybe we don’t go back to school for the thing we know we would have been really good at. Maybe we settle in a good relationship when we know that a great one is still out there. Or perhaps we just don’t take enough chances for fear of failing. There is no passion in settling for a life that doesn’t fulfill you completely. It’s that simple



Gooey Peanut Butter Chex Gluten-Free ‘Cheat Treat’ Squares

I don’t really believe in ‘cheat’ meals because I feel that diet and nutrition should always be enjoyable and realistic. Don’t cut out every food group you like just because it’s not made of pure spinach. You may be able to maintain it for a few weeks, even a few months, but my personal belief and experience is that your diet should be a lifestyle that you enjoy and can maintain. 

This is why I was desperate to make a gluten-free, non-healthy, all-delicious no-bake square for my own cravings. Even my boyfriend who is not gluten-free and does not have much of a sweet tooth loves these squares

So here’s the recipe, feel free to make any adjustments or changes and share them with me in the comments! 


  • 1 package (40-50 large marshmallows)
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  • 3 cups of Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex
  • 3 cups of Sally’s Gluten Free Cocoa Sweets (like a chocolate Rice Krispie you can buy at Loblaws or Walmart)
  • Optional: add crushed peanuts, chocolate chips, raisins, or even substitute some or all of the peanut butter for Nutella


  • Melt butter in a large pot on Low Heat. 
  • Add marshmallows and melt over low heat, stirring often.
  • Stir in peanut butter until mixture is a consistent gooey texture without large clumps. 
  • Mix in cereals 1 cup at a time. 
  • Add other ingredients and continue to stir until mixed throughout. 
  • Transfer mixture into a greased baking dish and let cool. 
  • Cut into squares and serve, preferably same-day.
  • Enjoy! :)

Try these delicious treats! I promise you won’t have any leftovers! Great for GF or non-GF guests. 

Let me know what you think!

-xo, Krista

Photo Cred: Pinterest

6 Ways to Get Out Of a Rut– and How To Know You’re In One…

Being in a rut is one of those things where often you don’t really know you’re in it until it’s too far gone. Of course, being in a rut is different for everybody, and you don’t necessarily have to hit rock-bottom to be in a bit of a rut. Especially in the winter months, it’s common for people to slip into a bit of a social and physical hibernation. But like anything, the first step is recognizing that you may not be on top of your A-game these last few days or weeks, and making certain steps to change your behaviour.

If you’re in a rut you’re likely spending a lot of time alone, doing unproductive things with your time, not eating or sleeping well (or sleeping too much), avoiding certain people or activities, and just feeling ‘blah’ about, well… pretty much anything.

Thankfully, if you do find yourself in a bit of a rut, there are a few ways to adapt your behaviour to start to pull yourself out of it:

  1. Cut back on TV and other time wasters: If you’re in a rut, you’re likely spending a lot of unnecessary time doing activities that don’t get you anywhere, and then before you know it hours have passed and you haven’t done anything with your time. Then you feel bad because you know you’re not spending your time how you want to, and it becomes a vicious circle. Avoid things like Netflix as they encourage ‘binge’ watching, or limit yourself to watching your favourite TV shows after 8PM, so you get all you need to get done earlier in the day.
  2. Unplug… Sometimes: Facebook and Social Media are just every one else’s highlight reel. Don’t pay too much attention to social media, as not only can it be a major time-waster (see #1) but only shows all the highlights of other people’s lives. There’s nothing less motivating than when you see yet another acquaintance got engaged while you’re in your pyjamas at 2:00 in the afternoon watching yet another episode of TLC’s ‘Hoarding’ eating a spoonful of Nutella. Unplug from social media from time to time and recognize that it is only going to show you the highlights, not the in-between real moments of people’s everyday lives.
  3. Spend some time outside: Take a walk, get outside with no phone and no music and just get in tune with good ol’ Mother Nature. This is where my dog comes in especially handy. We both get some exercise, some fresh air, and gets our day started on the right foot, which leads me to my next point:
  4. Care for a Pet: You’d be surprised how much helping others makes you feel good. This is where animals make a great addition to your lifestyle. They’e not a stressful amount of work but spending some time with an animal is proven to enhance your mood. I’m not saying to go out and buy a dog to make you feel better, but even babysitting a friend’s dog while they’re at work will give you some responsibility, accountability, and some affection.
  5. Clean Your Nest: I call it a nest because who knows how much space you’re working with. Maybe it’s just your room at your parents house, maybe its an apartment, or maybe its a whole house all to yourself, but your living space is often a direct reflection of the state of your life. Having a clean nest can be the start of cleaning up your lifestyle overall.
  6. Get Active: I write a fitness blog, of course I’m going to preach how much exercise can get your out of a rut, because it does. Have a hard time getting started? Schedule a sweat date with a friend. It’ll be more difficult for you to just cancel or decide not to go if you’re not going alone. Or be honest with your friend and have them hold you accountable!

What other ways do you get out of a rut? Share them with me, I’d love to hear them! Spring is on the way, it’s time to shake those winter blues and get out into that big bad world!

– xo, Krista

Woman brushing her teeth.

What is Oil Pulling– and Why Should You Be Doing It?

I recently discovered something that apparently has been a trend for a while now (a few thousand years to be exact!)– oil pulling.

What is oil pulling?

Simply put, oil pulling is the act of swishing around a tablespoon(ish) of oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes. The bacteria, dirt, and ultimately the plaque in your mouth apparently ‘sticks’ or dissolves into the oil, leaving your mouth clean and healthy.

Important: Be sure to swish for 20 minutes then spit the oil out– into the garbage or the toilet (certain oils, especially coconut oil, are solid when they cool down, so you don’t want them clogging your drains!

What are the benefits of oil pulling?

Not only does oil pulling apparently capture bacteria and dirt around the teeth, mouth, and throat (which can help with plaque, gingivitis, and cavity prevention), it also helps with overall gum health and teeth whitening. People have also been claiming it has other health benefits beyond just their mouth.

Makes sense right? The mouth is directly linked to the rest of our bodies– what goes in gets put into our stomach, lungs, and bloodstream, affecting many other bodily functions. It makes sense that a clean, healthy mouth can help maintain a healthy body overall. Oil pulling has been said to be a natural aid for bloating, skin conditions, gum health, hydration, and digestion, among many other things.

Full disclosure: if you haven’t already figured this out– I am not a doctor. So take these claims with a grain of salt, but I’m always down to try a new, natural remedy for my body, so I gave it a shot.

What I did:

I chose to use coconut oil– not only does it taste better than most oils, but apparently coconut oil has other health benefits like having antibacterial properties. Take about a tablespoon of it in your mouth, chew it until the solid form warms in your mouth and becomes liquid. At first, the texture made me gag, but after 30 seconds it’s fine. Swish around your mouth for about twenty minutes: try ‘pulling’ the oil between your teeth using your saliva and suction. After twenty minutes, spit the oil out into the toilet. I always brush with a natural toothpaste from Melaleuca, which includes tea tree oil (which I LOVE for my oral health), brush for two minutes, and voilà!

What I instantly noticed after one use was that my breath felt fresh and my whole mouth felt clean, like really clean– like ‘just-got-back-from-the-dentist’ clean. Note: I also have full metal and ceramic braces so I’m thinking this is a great way to keep my mouth super clean. I’ve been told it can leave stains where the braces were, because the rest of the teeth are whiter after longterm use, but regular oil pulling after braces will help balance that out.

Stay tuned for more longterm experiences with oil pulling! Have you tried oil pulling yet? What was your experience?